2024 Outlook for UC

 | 21 Feb 2024
 | 37 min.
AVANT Analytics UCaaS

In this episode, Alex Danyluk, Managing Director of AVANT Analytics, and Brent Wilford, Senior Director of Customer Experience and UCaaS at AVANT, focus on the outlook of the UCaaS industry.

The good news? Businesses of all sizes can adopt UCaaS from various providers. So, what’s the challenge? With an abundance of providers, determining the best fit for your business can be complicated. They explore what IT decision-makers should keep in mind as they evaluate potential providers. Plus, they discuss the common conception that Microsoft Team is a dominant player with the highest number of voice seats. Is this true? Listen in to find out!


Alex Danyluk

Managing Director, AVANT Analytics


Brent Wilford

Senior Director of Customer Experience and UCaaS, AVANT