VMware: Is the Sky Falling?

VMware - Is the sky falling
 | 1 May 2024
 | 23 min.
AVANT Analytics Cloud

In this episode of Technology Insights, we delve into the evolving Broadcom and VMware situation. Listen in as Niko O’Hara, Senior Analyst of AVANT Analytics, and Tony Scribner, CISO & Field CTO of Ntirety, answer important questions regarding the latest VMware updates. Is the situation as dire as it’s made out to be? Have we weathered the worst of the uncertainty storm? Tune in to find out as we help listeners navigate this journey!


Looking for more resources on the VMware updates, once you’ve finished this episode? We recorded another Technology Insights episode, where our host and guest break down the impacts of the VMware changes for those being affected.


Our AVANT Cloud experts have also compiled answers to typical questions we’re hearing about the VMware acquisition by Broadcom, as well as a list of helpful qualifying questions for Trusted Advisors to better understand their customers’ predicament and open up the Cloud conversation.


Niko O'Hara

Head of Programs, Engineering and Vendors, AVANT


Tony Scribner

CISO & Field CTO, Ntirety