AVANT Communications Announces Record-Setting $1 Million in Monthly Sales with Zoom’s Master Agent Program

AVANT Communications reaches new sales milestone with Zoom, achieving $1 million in monthly recurring revenue in under one year


February 01, 2021 – CHICAGO – AVANT Communications (“AVANT”), a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier distributor for next generation technology, today announces the company has reached a record-setting milestone. After joining Zoom Video Communications’ Master Agent program in March 2020, AVANT became the first Master Agent to achieve more than $1 million in monthly recurring revenue. This milestone serves as a testament to the strength of AVANT’s Trusted Advisor network. Despite the challenges of 2020, AVANT’s focus on next-generation technology has enabled success with industry leaders like Zoom. 

Zoom launched its Master Agent program in March of 2020 and selected AVANT as one of a small group of distributors to help empower the Trusted Advisor community. In less than 8 months of joining Zoom’s Master Agent program, AVANT and their Trusted Advisors took on the challenge and reached over $1 million in monthly recurring sales with Zoom. 

“We are beyond humbled and enthusiastic about our rapid success with AVANT. We are very bullish on the Master Agent community and the Trusted Advisor for Zoom UCaaS,” said Kevin Thomsen, Leader of Master Agents at Zoom Video Communications. 

Zoom is available through AVANT’s expansive network of Trusted Advisors who are committed to helping companies advance along their digital transformation journeys. AVANT’s agent community will continue to work together with Zoom to bring businesses the most innovative technologies available.

“AVANT is proud to team up with Zoom and the record-setting achievement of reaching more than one million dollars of recurring monthly sales in less than a year as part of Zoom’s Master Agent program. This is a testament to the dedication of our Trusted Advisor network,” said Ian Kieninger, Co-Founder and CEO of AVANT. “The pace of change in the information technology industry is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and cloud-based collaboration and communication is becoming increasingly important to business success across the board. Our knowledgeable Trusted Advisor community will continue to support Zoom in 2021 and beyond.”

AVANT’s robust ecosystem powers hundreds of Trusted Advisors worldwide as they usher enterprise tech leaders into a new era of innovation. With a constant pulse on the state of IT disruption, Trusted Advisors leverage AVANT’s best-in-class solution portfolio, breadth of expertise, state-of-the-art tools such as the AVANT Pathfinder and proprietary market research via AVANT Analytics to influence IT decision-making. Over the past decade, AVANT has positioned itself globally as the leading distributor of next-generation technologies, paving the way for others in the agent community to ramp up their portfolios with disruptors that are taking the landscape by storm.

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About AVANT Communications

AVANT Communications is a channel sales enablement company and the nation’s premiere distributor for next generation technologies. AVANT adds unique value with its focus and expertise in channel sales assistance, sales training, sales guidance, and sales tools to fuel IT services business growth. From complex cloud designs to global wide-area network deployments, AVANT sets the industry standard in enabling its partners and clients to make intelligent decisions about services, technology and cost-effective communications.

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