AVANT 6-12 Report: A Decision-Maker’s Guide to CCaaS

Study finds more than half of IT leaders plan to invest in a new contact center platform in 2021


June 8, 2021 — CHICAGO — AVANT Analytics, the market research division of AVANT, a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier distributor for next generation technology, today released its fourth AVANT 6-12 Report focusing on Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). The AVANT 6-12 Reports are top-of-the-line research reports designed to help IT decision makers assess whether a technology solution is a viable option for their company over the next 6 to 12 months. CCaaS currently accounts for more than $3 billion in global sales, with some predictions anticipating sales to reach $10.5 billion by 2027.

CCaaS has recently emerged as a necessary adoption for organizations across a number of industries, with a majority of IT decision makers planning to implement CCaaS solutions within the next 12 months. The report’s findings show that customers are most likely to make a decision on CCaaS technology when a current contract nears its expiration date (30% of respondents) or when a legacy system’s warranty expires (30%), inferring that customers want to offload management of conventional contact center solutions and pursue more advanced technological solutions like AI to improve the customer experience. This is especially important for companies implementing permanent remote work options for their customer service agents in light of the fact that many companies plan for at least 40% of employees to work remotely.

Key Takeaways from the report include:

  • 32% of IT decision makers are looking to CCaaS to enable or expand their remote workforce. 
  • 51% are planning to invest in a new contact center system because their current setup lacks functionality. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key factor in energizing broader adoption.
  • In addition to AI, CCaaS systems often include a call distributor, interactive voice response (CDIVR), outbound predictive dialers (OPDs) and analytics capabilities. 
  • 68% of respondents listed voice to text as a required AI capability when considering a new contact center solution. 
  • 69% of respondents require PCI compliance for a contact center solution, highlighting the need for effective security to be interwoven with every CCaaS migration.

“It’s more important than ever that IT leaders examine the legacy systems they have in place and begin to modernize their operations towards a more transformative contact center platform. This is why a knowledgeable Trusted Advisor is so important to provide the guidance needed by IT leaders as they make headway into their CCaaS adoption journeys,” said Ken Presti, Vice President of Research and Analytics at AVANT. “CCaaS systems are evolving, continually receiving performance boosts to their intelligent routing engines and predictive dialing capabilities from technologies such as AI, speech/text analytics and virtual personality mapping. Modernized CCaaS systems have reaped the benefits of a sophisticated infrastructure, improving connectivity rates, CX and outreach capabilities.”

Developed by AVANT Research & Analytics with the assistance of technical teams within AVANT, the 6-12 Report: CCaaS features interviews and insights from C-suite executives throughout AVANT’s partner network, Trusted Advisors and key IT decision makers. The report contains surveys, data collected from AVANT’s Pathfinder tool and industry findings to highlight the current state of CCaaS. The report includes analysis on AI utilization, multichannel and omnichannel distinctions and security integrations within CCaaS systems.

To learn more and download the AVANT 6-12 Report: CCaaS, visit: https://ta.goavant.co.uk/ccaas-report-2021

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