7 Reasons Why You Should Work with AVANT

AVANT partners

Discover the impact of working alongside AVANT, a top Technology Services Distributor, as a Trusted Advisor.

The Technology Service Distributor model has been well established in the US for several years and has been a growing disruptor in the past six years within the EMEA market. The model helps channel partners work with a wide array of technology services in the market and enables their clients to better navigate the complexities of the technology industry and make more informed decisions during their IT decision-making journey. Keep reading to learn more about the value and positive business impact of becoming an AVANT partner. 

1. Access to Solution Provider Support and Relationship Management

AVANT opens doors to a global network of next-generation IT services providers that offer innovative technologies and services. Our vast portfolio of providers allows our partners and their customers to stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape and be in the know about what’s new or upcoming. By opening yourself to a wider portfolio, your chances of winning more opportunities instantly increase with every customer engagement you have, giving you the edge over competitors 

As an AVANT Trusted Advisor, you can streamline your operations and allow your team to focus on selling. Meanwhile, we work to help manage your partnerships. We provide channel team assistance for your day-to-day, back-office management and personalized support focused on helping you grow your business and brand. 

2. Regularly Recurring Revenue

AVANT enables our Trusted Advisors to build monthly recurring revenues through referral commissions. With low risk and investment, you can earn pure margins on a monthly or annual basis. This revenue stream adds stability and growth potential to your business while minimizing financial risks. 

As a business, our agreement with AVANT allows us to be much more efficient both internally and on behalf of our customers. We manage all our partnerships through their platform whilst their scale allows us to drive a commercial conversation way beyond the scope of what would be possible on our own. On top of that, their long-standing relationships with vendors results in us having much more bargaining power in the event of escalations and negotiations.’ – Managing Consultant, AVANT EMEA Strategic Partner 

3. Sales Enablement Support throughout Customer Engagement

Our industry-leading, customer-facing sales tool, Pathfinder, is like no other platform in the market. Pathfinder provides a branded differentiator for your company. This tool shows off the breadth of our portfolio and compares vendor capabilities in real-time, allowing you to qualify your leads effectively and efficiently. It also showcases the entire decision-making process visually. This helps capture the attention of end-users and provides them with a clear understanding of proposed solutions. To explore Pathfinder and gain Pathfinder for yourself and your team, fill out this quick form!

Additionally, our Sales Engineers are equipped with extensive knowledge and technical expertise. Thus, they are ready to assist with client calls to help find the best suited provider for your customer’s needs. 

4. Increased Opportunity Success

Each customer engagement you have becomes an opportunity to win more deals. By collaborating with AVANT, you are exposed to more market insights, industry knowledge, and agnostic relationships we have with key channel technology service providers. 

AVANT fills the gaps in both our portfolio and our customer’s knowledge. They deliver technical support where required and a simple, informative billing portal which makes our invoicing really easy. Events throughout the year give us a great way to learn about new technologies and potential new vendor partnerships, with a useful flow of insight online to add to our market knowledge.’ – Founder, AVANT EMEA Strategic Partner

5. Cross-selling Opportunities

Our Sales Engineers don’t only offer deep solution knowledge. Their experience with partners and their customers gives them a unique perspective into the sales process as well. Throughout opportunity engagement, they can help unlock cross-sell opportunities by identifying opportunities to enhance your customer’s experience through complementary offerings. This will allow you to expand your business and drive additional revenue streams.  

6. Favourable Commercial Agreements

With our global and revenue agreements, AVANT can negotiate commercials that are often better than a direct agreement with a provider. Our scale and commitment add credibility and leverage negotiations, saving you time and ensuring that you receive the most optimal terms and pricing.  

7. Continuous Learning and Market Insights

Through our AVANT Analytics reports and extensive training opportunities, you can keep ahead of market insights and stay in the know. Throughout the year, we host multiple events and virtual training webinars that involve our experts and their industry knowledge. We go beyond the transactional aspects and invest in your personal knowledge and business growth.