April Sales Engineering Braintrust

Discover the new edition of our Sales Engineering Braintrust, which includes:

  • Win Wire: Learn how a TA leveraged AVANT Engineers and Pathfinder tools to close an $11K MRC opportunity with RingCentral MVP
  • Engineering Spotlight: Meet our newest Engineer – Head of CX Andy Bird
  • Trusted Advisor Testimonials: Discover how your peers are leveraging our AVANT Engineers to close more deals and offer a leveled-up experience for customers
  • Pathfinder Updates:
    • Explore the latest updates to our CCaaS and TEM Matrices, including new features and solution options
    • NEW Engineering Quick Hits, developed by UC and CC expert John Paullin, on the 2023 changes to the Gartner UCaaS and CCaaS Magic Quadrants
  • AVANT Updates:
    • Listen in to our latest Technology Insights podcast, featuring AVANT’s Head of Connectivity & Colocation, Chip Hoisington, who explains what’s behind the resurgence in Colo popularity

Win Wire with John Paullin

The Breakdown

  • Technology Category: UCaaS
  • Customer Type: Company offering sustainable, innovative, and value-added packaging, hygiene, and recovery solutions
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Size and Scope: 2,000 Agents
  • MRR: $18K+
  • Winning provider: RingCentral MVP
  • Competitors: Connex (Zoom reseller) and Webex Calling (via Bell)

The Details

What were the drivers for the client?
The customer’s aging Avaya infrastructure required them to explore alternative options. In the RFP written by the Trusted Advisor, the customer noted that they needed a solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams and provides lightweight contact center functionality. 

How did the Trusted Advisor close the deal?
The Trusted Advisor led the process from the beginning. They researched technologies, composed an RFP, and managed the tender all the way through to the final presentation. The TA leveraged AVANT Engineers and Pathfinder tools to assist in documenting the current state challenges and future state requirements. This helped to narrow the list of vendors receiving the RFP. The Trusted Advisor also consulted AVANT Engineering for the review and scoring, resulting in the customer’s choice of RingCentral.

How did AVANT support the win?
AVANT Engineers were engaged at the outset to help with technical discovery and future state requirements gathering. This data formed the foundation of the RFP that the Trusted Advisor created on the customer’s behalf, per their request. Once bidders sent their responses, the Trusted Advisor brought AVANT Engineers in once again to help score responses and further narrow down vendor options, giving the customer confidence in their final decision.

Engineering Spotlight

This month, we’re spotlighting Andy Bird, Head of CX. 

Andy has over 26 years of industry experience. He has had the privilege of leading teams and organizations in the development of several Contact Center as a Service platforms, including one of the first generative AI interaction platforms. Throughout his career, he has held numerous product leadership roles that have shaped his expertise and vision. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and off-roading.

As the newest member of the Engineering team, Andy brings a fantastic perspective, deep experience, and vast skill set to AVANT, where he leads our CX practice, focusing UCaaS, CCaaS , and AI. We are SO excited to have Andy on the team!

Here’s a bit more about Andy, in his own words!

  • Where are you located? Frisco, TX
  • What is one hobby of yours, outside of work? I enjoy working on my 6th Gen Bronco, and then taking it out to see what it can do.
  • What is a book you’re currently reading? I actually just finished “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”.

You can connect with Andy on LinkedIn here!

Trusted Advisor Testimonials

What are your peers saying about the powerful impact of AVANT SEs on their opportunities?

“Considering I am new to this process and the AVANT relationship, the AVANT team is making it easy!” – Greg Bujak, Co-founder – Vendorflow


“The Engineers know the correct questions to ask and can uncover potential opportunities other than what the customer thinks they want.” – Christine Guidi, President & CEO – TeleConsult Solutions


“The response I received from AVANT’s Engineering team was prompt and quite informational. I was asked clarifying questions, but also presented with researched information as it related to my needs. The options were aligned with my client’s intent, and I felt at ease that the team member has subject matter expertise.” – Kiel Byrne, Trusted Advisor – TenK Solutions

Pathfinder Updates

  • Dive into our newest Dynamic Matrices with your customers!
    • The new CCaaS Matrix features 30+ service providers and includes 17 filters to help you zero in on the best solutions for your customer’s unique needs. The update to the matrix includes details on the latest AI features shaping the CCaaS space.
    • The refreshed TEM Matrix now covers IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS Expense management, in addition to legacy Telecom Expense Management and Mobile Lifecycle Management capabilities.
  • Learn more about the 2023 changes to the Gartner UCaaS and CCaaS Magic Quadrants with Sales Engineer John Paullin’s latest new Engineering Quick Hits. These two new modules can be found in the Trusted Advisor Academy on Pathfinder! 

Log into Pathfinder 2.0 using your company’s custom URL to check out these new resources. Head to lookup.gopathfinder.net to have your URL sent straight to your inbox. 

 AVANT Updates

  • Colocation is seeing a resurgence in popularity! Why? Listen in to our newest Technology Insights podcast episode, featuring host and Managing Director of AVANT Analytics, Alex Danyluk, as well as Colo expert and Engineer Chip Hoisington, to find out the answer to the renewed interest in Colocation solutions