BattleApp capabilities expanded with dynamic matrices and dynamic branding and opportunity management capability.

CHICAGO–October 10, 2018—AVANT Communications, the leader in channel sales enablement for next-generation IT solutions, today announced major enhancements to its channel sales enablement capabilities with the updated release of the BattleApp. The newest release features the launch of dynamically generated matrices which rank an entire industry of service providers according to interactively selected end-user requirement and major expansion of the BattleApp’s opportunity management capabilities with the new BattleView functionality – a pipeline management tool. AVANT also builds on its leadership in sales enablement technology by extending the partner-branded experience to the thousands of sales documents housed within.

“Users of the AVANT BattleApp grew 82 percent year-over-year,” said Drew Lydecker, president and co-founder, AVANT. “The BattleApp is becoming the trusted advisor’s weapon of choice in helping win the war of differentiation in a very competitive IT channel sales market. Partners that use the BattleApp in live customer engagements are seeing 3.6x more MRR than those that only use it as a research tool. The BattleApp enhancements make it easier for trusted advisors to navigate the accelerating pace of change in IT with their prospects.”

Key enhancements now include:

BattleView: BattleView provides a window into a partner’s opportunities and support requests. Sales teams can collaborate with AVANT resources to advance their funnel and close more business, while managers can leverage robust reporting capabilities to track the status of their team’s deals.

Dynamic Matrices: The next generation of AVANT’s industry-first competitive matrices are now more intelligent through the addition of interactive qualifying questions, which rank an entire industry of providers based on customer needs. Matrix output is also customizable to show exactly the providers partners wish to highlight.

Dynamic Branding: As an extension to the partner-branded experience, every one of our thousands of pieces of sales collateral now renders with partner branding, increasing the power of your brand through the technology of AVANT.

Quote Sheet:

“Our firm started showing the BattleApp to all of our prospects 90-days ago. This resulted in building a pipeline of over 500K in Monthly Recurring Revenue. The BattleApp has completely changed the way we communicate with our prospects and customers. Every sales rep in our agency is now required to start every discovery meeting showing our branded version of the BattleApp. It has transformed the way we sell.” Jerry Goldman, CEO, Select Communications

“The BattleApp is a dynamic play in for the Partner Community. With every new release AVANT has set my company apart from the competition. The BattleApp should be in every Partner’s toolkit, and part of your go to market strategy.” Kate Jaffe, Founder and CEO, Convergent Technologies, Inc. (CTI)

“The BattleApp is an indispensable tool that helps our company identify multiple opportunities in each meeting. Not only does it make our sales team more efficient, it adds credibility while we lead our customers through the matrix of next-generation IT.” Ron Salazar, General Manager, MR2 Solutions, Inc.

“The BattleApp/BattleLab combination are the best weapons in the industry for clearly demonstrating expertise, knowledge, and an overall understanding of where business is going and what customers will need to consider to make sure they are fully prepared as their business grows, changes, and adapts. It is the who’s who of the best of breed across a number of disruptive technologies, and the best part is that you are bringing it to them with your branding, and become the advisor they trust. Our recent BattleApp/BattleLab customer briefing was so successful it not only advanced our UCaaS, and Connectivity proposals, but opened the door to a DRaaS proposal which has already closed and also a hosted security discussion/meeting. This would not have happened without all of these tools being in one place, and their ease of use.” Robert Harding, Global Account Executive, Paragon Micro

To learn more about the BattleApp, including a brief video of the BattleApp in action