AVANT’s New TCO Tool Spotlights the Dollars and Sense of UCaaS

In November, AVANT delivered an early holiday present to our Trusted Advisors – a new feature in Pathfinder!  The UCaaS Total Cost of Ownership Assessment tool is now live, and with it comes the capability for Trusted Advisors to create a fully customized financial analysis for their customers, helping them to understand and visualize the benefits of switching from an on-prem PBX to a cloud-based Unified Communications solution.

In case you’ve not yet run your first assessment, the new UCaaS TCO tool requires only four inputs to create a high-level summary of savings, while power users can configure up to 30 individual variables to develop a more granular analysis of their client’s environment.  And while the output in Pathfinder is designed to be easy to consume and customize, users can also export the assessment to a branded presentation that summarizes the results of the analysis – perfect for taking a snapshot to circulate with stakeholders in your client’s organization to build interest in a UCaaS solution!

But enough about the tool, let’s have a look at the data.  After just two weeks, the assessment has already been run hundreds of times for clients of the Trusted Advisor community, and the results are nothing short of incredible!  Impressively, if all of these clients were to switch to cloud-based collaboration solutions, they would save $985M in aggregate!  Clients saved 34% on average vs. on-prem solutions, representing anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars per deployment.  We saw assessments for as few as five and as many as 50,000 users, and unsurprisingly the data does suggest that larger companies have more to gain by moving to the cloud:

Meanwhile, existing POTS and PRI customers have a few more reasons to be thankful this season – they’ll save a few additional points by switching to UCaaS (but SIP customers need not be too concerned, their savings are substantial as well!):

And as a shock to no one, clients will save more when they migrate additional collaboration services to the cloud.  We saw 37% savings for clients switching their video conferencing, compared with just 28% savings for clients only migrating basic communications/telephony:

Now when it comes to UCaaS and other next-gen technologies, financial benefits are only the beginning of the story.  In fact, AVANT’s UCaaS 6-12 report identified cost savings as only the 4th most important factor when CIOs were considering UCaaS, with other key drivers including the elimination of on-site hardware, redundancy and outage mitigation, and the creation of a more uniform communications experience for all employees.  Nevertheless, armed with a customized UCaaS TCO Assessment from the Trusted Advisor, CIOs will find it difficult to ignore the many benefits of a cloud-based communications solution.  

Generate a UCaaS TCO Assessment for your customers in Pathfinder today!