Crucial Technologies Continue to Thrive Amid Economic Downturn

If you have not yet downloaded your free copy of the newly released AVANT State of Disruption Report, where have you been?

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The report tracks the rate at which new technologies are displacing older ones, based on a survey of 500 industry decision makers from a wide variety of vertical industries and company sizes. Featured technologies include SD-WAN, MPLS, UCaaS, CCaaS, IaaS, cloud-based applications, colocation (okay, not a technology, but you get the idea), and IT security.

One of the interesting things that jumped out at me as I reviewed this data is the effect of Covid-19. While we were not specifically testing for those effects, we could plainly see a slight downward shift in the anticipated uptake of new technologies as we looked farther down the road into 2021. This seems to suggest that future budgets were more uncertain as the business world confronted a global pandemic. The projected growth in adoption was still present, but not quite the same as was previously in place.

For example, here’s a chart that represents the shift towards Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

With the exception of Legal, the uptake anticipated by the business leaders cooled at least somewhat – and some of them cooled substantially!

Is this bad news? Not relatively speaking.

According to last week’s data from the U.S. Commerce Department, the U.S. GDP declined at an annual rate of 3.5% last year, making 2020 the toughest year for the US economy since 1946. In other words, the last time something like this happened, we were coming out of a world war.

Although I like a statistical growth hockey stick as much as the next guy, the numbers for the technology portfolio covered in the AVANT State of Disruption Report are actually quite impressive.

But don’t take my word for it, download your own copy here. They are free-of-charge and will give you a new way of looking at the rate at which older technologies are yielding to newer ones.