Jen Gallego, our Executive Vice President of Channel Sales in the West, is leading AVANT’s westward expansion as she welcomes two new Channel Managers to her empowerment team: Clint Haynes and Kristine Su. Clint and Kristine will be focused on finding the next generation of trusted advisors, training them on the latest technologies, helping them plan sound sales strategies for even their most complex opportunities, and working with them hand-in-hand to research, pursue, and close sales.

Clint Haynes
Clint is based out of Denver, and will be handling the Mountain West region. He has extensive communications experience that stretches back to days of installing fiber optics and PBXs and continues on through years of supporting cloud business services, leading to the future-oriented solutions he will provide with AVANT.
With his wife and three daughters, Clint relishes everything the mountains have to offer: mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and yes, sometimes just sitting on the couch. He enjoys learning new things and is usually reading or listening to books on self-development or career development.

Clint wants to let his partners know that he likes to roll up his sleeves and dive into the details, and is ready to become an extension of their team, using AVANT’s next-gen tools and win-win business model to exponentially multiply their success.

Kristine Su
Kristine is supporting our partners across Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. She is ready to recruit the next generation of trusted technology advisors and become their advocate and their knowledge conduit, helping them increase their revenue by staying one step ahead of the latest innovations in the market.
Kristine has two children, two dogs, and one husband. She is enthusiastic about adopting new technology and about health and fitness (ask her how she has benefitted from her Alkalign Barre practice!). To her list of favorites she adds yoga, skiing, eating good food, shopping, and finding new places to explore.

Her message to her partners is that she is passionate in her belief that AVANT’s robust ecosystem, with the strongest service providers and the top thought-leaders in the industry, will drive creative business strategies that will carry her “lean forward” partners to new heights.