Introducing the All NEW AVANT Loyalty Program

AVANT is changing everything you previously knew about loyalty programs.

There is nothing more important to AVANT than the success of our Trusted Advisors. We exist to help you grow, win, and surpass your business goals. We take great joy in celebrating your big milestones and all of your achievements. So, what better way to show you than create a one-of-a kind loyalty program for our Trusted Advisors like you’ve never seen before.

We’re talking program benefits that happen all year long and even better, you start earning rewards as soon as you qualify. And we know that each partner is not a one-size-fits-all, so we have created tiered offerings to celebrate your success and encourage you to keep building momentum and reap the rewards! Here’s an overview of the new loyalty program that you can start earning today.

For the Individual Seller, meet the Trusted Advisor Hustle Award

  • AVANT will nominate two deserving Trusted Advisors every month in each region

NEW to AVANT? Welcome to our Fast Start Program

  • Hit $10,000 in MRC in your first 90 days with signing with AVANT

AVANT celebrates the continued growth of your business with our Membership Program

  • Pinnacle Blue: starts at $25,000 in MRC
  • Pinnacle Silver: starts at $50,000 in MRC
  • Pinnacle Gold: starts at $100,000 in MRC
  • Pinnacle Platinum: starts at $250,000 in MRC
  • The Million Dollar Club

Start receiving benefits and rewards as soon as you earn them

  • AVANT swag
  • Priority access to AVANT’s world class Pricing and Engineering teams
  • Exclusive access to Pinnacle Member Only events
  • Paid trip to Special Forces Summit
  • Pinning ceremony and recognition at Special Forces Summit
  • Tickets to Signature events
  • Multiple ways to qualify for President’s Club
  • And MORE….

We’re so looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our incredible Trusted Advisors. Reach out to your Channel Manager today or contact [email protected] for more information!