The 3 Most Efficient Ways to Use Pathfinder 2.0

With the launch of our newly enhanced Pathfinder 2.0 tool, the future of next-generation technology decision-making is here! Our commitment to rapid innovation has led to improved scalability, streamlined management capabilities, and exclusive features only available to Pathfinder users. But it’s not just about the technology; it’s about how you use it! Discover how to fully realize the potential of Pathfinder 2.0. This knowledge is essential for Trusted Advisors to leverage it effectively with their customers and teams. In this blog post, we’ll explore the three most efficient ways to use Pathfinder 2.0 to maximize your potential as a guide for your customers on their IT decision-making journey. 

1. Provider Evaluation

In the constantly evolving world of technology, knowledge is power. Understanding your customer’s business goals and easily connecting them with the vendors or solutions that can satisfy their needs sets you apart and establishes your brand as a solution expert. Pathfinder 2.0 equips you with the following features for evaluating and learning more about providers: 

 Provider Analytics

Amid the Pathfinder 2.0 launch, one of the most exciting features we released is our Provider Analytics offering. With more than 2 years of data and 1,700+ survey responses, AVANT’s Provider Analytics gives you and your customers a unique insight into the entire buying experience with solution providers in our portfolio. This exclusive cache of information allows Pathfinder users to guide their clients with confidence through the decision-making journey, and it is a feature only available to signed AVANT Trusted Advisors utilizing Pathfinder 2.0. 

 Provider Portfolio

Our improved Pathfinder Portfolio interface makes evaluating and familiarizing yourself with vendors easier than ever. Enhanced navigation helps Trusted Advisors meet new and featured providers. Plus, users can easily dive into their key differentiators, marketing materials, and direct contacts. The Provider Portfolio ensures the most up-to-date information and resources are available at your fingertips, whenever you log into Pathfinder.  

2. Customer Engagement

Your ability to engage with and effectively guide your customers is a critical aspect of your role. As you multi-task different responsibilities, AVANT’s Pathfinder 2.0 tools can do the heavy lifting when it comes to professional and efficient customer engagement.  

 Dynamic Matrices

Our Dynamic Matrices are developed and consistently updated by AVANT’s Sales Engineers, who are the best in the business. These matrices combine the deep expertise, solution training, and vendor knowledge of our SEs. From there, they compile that information in an easy-to-use tool that adjusts to match your customer’s unique needs. Each matrix is tailor-made for the technology solution it focuses on. Together with customers, Pathfinder users can employ a Dynamic Matrix to quickly and systematically narrow down vendor options based on specific criteria, simplifying the decision-making process and speeding up opportunity timelines. 

Supplier Search Tool icon Solution Search Tools

Pathfinder helps Trusted Advisors begin their opportunity on the right foot. Interactive Quick Assessments (IQAs) streamline the initial process. They capture key deal details and allow for collaborative efforts between you, your client, and AVANT’s Sales Engineers. Plus, additional search tools, like the Data Center Locator, Connectivity Navigator, and UCaaS TCO Calculator, empower Trusted Advisors and their customers to compare solution and provider options with an interface that is fast and intuitive, even for those just beginning their search for new or updated technologies. Paired with real-time pricing quotes and quote-to-contract capabilities for cable and fiber, Pathfinder helps you close deals in record time. 

3. Business Operations and Training

To truly maximize your business’s potential, users can leverage the Pathfinder platform for Back Office support and training. Explore two of the best opportunities for streamlining business operations and fostering personal growth: 


Discover better efficiency, communication, and payment accuracy via Pathfinder 2.0. Use the platform to submit commission inquiries directly on Pathfinder, view and track the status of open inquiries, and respond directly via email to the case. Plus, we’re introducing contract upload, one of the most sought-after new features, SOON! This will create a more connected experience that aligns all opportunity stakeholders, including the customer, Trusted Advisor, vendor, and AVANT. Plus, it will save weeks of time spent chasing down payments, fixing incorrect submissions, and corralling participants involved in the deal. 

 Training Opportunities

Our Trusted Advisor Academy (TAA) is your gateway to a variety of training modules and solution certification opportunities. The comprehensive training resources in the TAA vary widely based on topics, time required for completion, and levels of expertise. From Engineering Quick Hits to AVANT technology certifications to featured Vendor Modules, there is something for any Trusted Advisors looking to invest in their growth and expertise. 

With new enhancements, added features, and an updated interface, Pathfinder 2.0 is the ultimate companion for you as a channel salesperson. It can be used throughout every aspect of your business. This includes engaging with customers to evaluating providers to optimizing business operations, and more. Log into Pathfinder now, using your company’s custom URL. From there, do a deep dive of the platform, utilizing these tips and strategies for making the most out of its tools and resources! If you’re not a Pathfinder user yet, gain access here and prepare to join us in the future of Trusted Advisor tools. 

Experience the power of Pathfinder 2.0 today and evolve your business faster and more efficiently!