VMware Resource Toolkit: Navigate the Latest Updates

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As the technology landscape evolves, significant industry shifts often bring about transformative changes. Typically with these changes, questions tend to follow. Broadcom recently acquired VMware, a cornerstone in the virtualization and cloud computing sectors. This development stirred considerable interest, but also had wide sweeping implications. Understanding the effects is crucial for Trusted Advisors guiding their customers. It’s also important for any IT professionals who rely on VMware’s suite of products. 

To help you and your customers navigate these changes, AVANT has compiled a comprehensive roundup of our resources. Check out a collection of podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and reports. Each one will help you learn more about what the VMware acquisition could mean for you and your customers. Plus, discover what the best response strategy is for organizations.

Looking to understand new solution options or the strategic benefits of the acquisition? These resources will provide valuable insights and keep you informed on the latest developments.

Webinar: What is happening with VMware? Understanding Customer Impact and Opportunity

Check out our recorded webinar we hosted in March 2024, featuring our own cloud experts, as well as representatives from leading cloud service providers Expedient, 11:11 Systems, and Tierpoint! During the webinar, we helped listeners understand the acquisition and potential consequences. Plus, we explained how Trusted Advisors could leverage these updates to start the cloud conversation with customers. 

Log into Pathfinder and head to the Video Library to watch the webinar.

Blog post: Leveraging the VMWare Updates: Qualifying Questions for your Customers

For Trusted Advisors, understanding the VMware situation and the latest updates isn’t enough! The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom also presents a real opportunity for you to open up a larger cloud conversation and access new revenue streams. Learn how to get the conversation started by leveraging these qualifying questions with your customers to better understand their current situation and how you can help guide them through the cloud landscape and VMware changes.

See qualifying questions and more, here.

Podcast: The Acquisition of VMware by Broadcom and How It Impacts Your Business

During this episode, published in April 2024, Flexential VP of Cloud, James Ochoa joined AVANT Senior Analyst Chip Hoisington. They dive deeper into the VMware acquisition and what steps an organization can take to better adjust their cloud strategy amidst the changes.

Listen into the podcast here.

Blog post: Answering Key Questions on VMware Updates and Opportunities

As we gain more details about the VMware updates, our Engineers often hear the same questions from customers and Trusted Advisors alike. To help Trusted Advisors proactively answer these questions for their clients, AVANT Sales Engineers put together a helpful FAQ of some of the biggest questions surrounding changes to the VMware program and pricing model.

Check out these frequently asked questions to grow your knowledge and successfully guide your clients.

Podcast: VMware – Is the Sky Falling?

In this podcast episode, published in May 2024, AVANT Senior Analyst Niko O’Hara was joined by Ntirety CISO & Field CTO, Tony Scribner. They discuss some of the reactions and uncertainties they’ve been hearing in the field. Is the VMware situation truly as dire as it’s made out to be?

Listen in to find the answer to that question and more.

AVANT Analytics Report: 2024 State of Disruption Report

Understanding the current state of the industry – and the disruption it’s constantly experiencing – is vital to staying ahead of the rapid pace of change in technology. Dive into our 2024 State of Disruption Report to get a wider picture of where our industry is at now, and what trends we can expect for the next year, based on powerful analytics from 500+ IT decision-makers and C-suite executives. 

Download the State of Disruption Report here.

As VMware comes under Broadcom’s ownership and the situation evolves, staying informed is essential. The resources compiled here will provide clarity and insight into these changes. Plus, they offer proven strategies for leveraging them as a Trusted Advisor. By forming a deep understanding of these developments, you can better navigate the technology landscape and use the changes to your benefit in your sales strategy.