Announcing AVANT Analytics

I am very excited about the kickoff of AVANT Analytics, our new analyst division that combines the knowledge base of AVANT’s tens of thousands of real world IT business engagements with primary research and analysis designed to help Trusted Advisors and their customers make successful technology decisions that best match their circumstances, needs, and budgets.

We gave this idea a lot of thought before moving forward. After all, there is a great deal of information out there – certainly more than most people have the time and bandwidth to absorb. But AVANT is uniquely positioned to bring a technology-positive, vendor-agnostic view of the industry that separates the sales pitch from the analysis and delivers high value without a pay-for-play framework. When I look at this from the perspective of a CEO, that particular attribute moves things to the top of my reading list.

Many of you already know Ken Presti. As an analyst at IDC, he began covering the IT channel and related business model transitions long before it became cool. We’re glad to have him leading the charge for AVANT Analytics. In addition, Ken “gets” the fact that people in the trenches bring a school-of-hard-knocks perspective to the tech industry that gives raw data a whole new dimension and context. You might be surprised when he reaches out for your point of view, but don’t be. That’s totally his style.

You’ll have access to data-rich content such as reports, white papers, e-books, and on-demand videos to help you identify trends that are shaping enterprise IT decisions and can help boost customer loyalty. These will build upon the depth of research AVANT has already released with the State of Disruption report and the Cloud Channel Survey. We will provide customer-ready documents on which you can add your own message. We’re also working on a series of podcasts so you can plug-in and get the most out of your daily commutes.

That’s right. We’re bringing it all to you in multiple ways, so you don’t have to go fishing for it – or spend time trying to extract the useful information from the hype.

Market research is taking on a much higher profile and a much more user-friendly approach through AVANT Analytics. So stay tuned! Also, feel free to reach-out to Ken if you have questions or thoughts to share. He’s at [email protected].