February Sales Engineering Braintrust

Dive into the February Edition of our AVANT Sales Engineering Braintrust! Here’s what you can expect in this month’s Braintrust:

  • Win Wire: Learn how a Trusted Advisor utilized AVANT Sales Engineers’ support in multiple areas to close a deal resulting in over $54K MRC!
  • Engineering Spotlight: Meet Dane Menke, Sr. Sales Engineer, who focuses on Cloud, IaaS, Security, and Backup/DR
  • Pathfinder updates: Check out new training opportunities, solution matrices, and channel updates
  • AVANT updates: Dive into AVANT’s newest content and reserve your spot for an upcoming event

 Win Wire

The Breakdown

  • Technology Category: Colocation
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Size and scope: 2 New Colo Footprints: Production Environments
  • Winning provider: Equinix
  • MRC: $54,140

The Details

The customer, a transportation and logistics business, wanted to modernize and futurize their data center footprint. They also sought to achieve lower latency so internal customers west of the Mississippi River could enjoy the same performance across all applications.

AVANT supported the win by helping outwork the bad guys. We took part in numerous customer calls involving multiple stakeholders to make sure we captured everything the customer wanted and needed. They focused on resolving greater proximity to cloud and better performance for users across the country.

Sales Engineers Chip Hoisington and Peter Callowhill led the technical requirements discussions and built requirements documents with the Trusted Advisor and customer. Then, we designed the solution and built a world-class deliverable with the providers we brought to the table. The Trusted Advisor’s long-standing relationship with the customer also helped close the deal. If you think your current and potential opportunities could benefit from the support of our Sales Engineers, fill out this quick form and get connected with an SE!


Engineering Spotlight 

Dane Menke started his career as a sysadmin in the military. This experience enables him to power AVANT’s mission forward. He brings 15 years of industry experience to the team and has held previous roles as a Solutions Architect and Systems Engineer. Dane is one of the expert brains behind our Interactive Quick Assessments (IQAs) and solution Matrices, and he’s a pro at making our Trusted Advisors look like rockstars while supporting their Cloud, BaaS/DraaS, and Security opportunities!

Outside of work, here’s a bit more about Dane, in his own words!

  • Where are you located? Chicago suburbs
  • What are you reading right now? “On the Future” by Martin Rees
  • What sport would you compete in if you were in the Olympics? Ping pong, because I enjoy it, not because I’m good at it.

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