How to Take Advantage of the Hot CCaaS Market

ccaas market

The demand for CCaaS isn’t just growing—it’s hotter than ever! If you haven’t already tapped into the CCaaS market, now is your chance, because it’s not cooling down any time soon. As you seek out new opportunities, check out four tips for selling CCaaS and discover the massive positive impact it can have on your business’s bottom line!

Go fishing where the fish are.

Depending on the research source you’re looking at, the Premise-to-Cloud market is only at between 15% to 20% penetration to date. This means there is still a significant number of opportunities out there for Trusted Advisors to capitalize on. These may consist of companies of all sizes, from whales to minnows. But no matter their size, they’re ready to add or upgrade their CCaaS technology. I was recently on a competitive analysis call with a research analyst who explained it best. There’s no need to chase existing Cloud customers when the amount of outdated on-premise Contact Center technology out there is enough to keep CCaaS technology and those who sell it in the conversation for a long time.

Stay where it’s hot.

Innovation is still happening in CCaaS technology, and it is a relatively complex sale/solution. That means that this is not a commoditized sale. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the perfect example of both the constant innovation in CCaaS and why customers, as a result, will always need guidance and expert advice. They can’t keep up with the rapid evolution of such complex technology. That’s where you, the Trusted Advisor, come in (and where AVANT can provide support!). With your expertise, customers can ensure they arrive at the best solution for their business. Plus, there is still a premium customers are willing to pay for technology that delivers them their desired business outcomes. CCaaS licensing can range from $100 to $275 an agent per month, depending on the complexity of the license. For a Trusted Advisor, that means deals with very attractive MRR totals tied to commissions earned, and let’s not forget about the SPIFFs!

Help your customers differentiate.

Do your customers find themselves in a crowded sales landscape? If so, they understand the importance of personalizing and improving the customer experience (CX). The extra attention given to CX provides differentiation and can often be the draw their clientele is looking for when they shop. Not to mention, it keeps shoppers coming back, helping boost your customer’s retention and overall bottom line. CCaas technology is going to help your client improve their customer experience (CX), no matter what service or goods they provide. When live, the technology can impact CX, revenue generation, operational efficiency, and operational agility. All of these factors will provide your client with a competitive advantage that sets them apart!

Create long-term growth opportunities.

Once CCaaS technology is in place and being used successfully, your clients will stick with it. For a Trusted Advisor, that means an initial 3-year contract and future renewals. Obviously, this is contingent on the technology living up to the total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI), and the business case that was laid out in the sales process. Assuming the prior are all positive, great CCaaS technology and a satisfied customer is the MRR gift that should keep giving for years to come. Layer on top of that the fact that a satisfied customer is much more likely to provide great references, you should have returning customers with new referrals close on their heels!

The CCaaS market is nowhere near tapped out! In fact, it’s only getting hotter. That’s why AVANT is here to help you on your journey during all seasons. We’re hard at work developing resources to help take full advantage of the exploding market. We have tools like our industry-leading, customer-facing Pathfinder sales tool and training platform, 6-12 reports that will keep you up to speed on emerging technology trends for the next six to 12 months, and the best Sales Engineering team in the business! Put us in the game so we can help you find, guide, and close bigger CCaaS deals than ever before!

Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan

Field Sales Engineer