October Sales Engineering Braintrust

Sales Engineering Braintrust featuring Cloud, Colo, and Managed Services Engineer David Bjerke

Explore the most recent release of our Sales Engineering Braintrust, featuring:

  • Win Wire: Dive into our $70K Colo Win Wire, where a Trusted Advisor leveraged AVANT SE support to close the deal with Expedient
  • Engineering Spotlight: Meet David Bjerke, focused on Cloud, Colo, and Managed Services
  • Pathfinder Updates: Check out our fully updated, customer-facing UCaaS Matrix
  • AVANT Updates: Listen in and learn from channel experts through our latest Technology Insights podcast episodes and discover how you could get rich selling POTS Replacement with SE Sarah Arnstein’s newest blog post

Win Wire with Peter Callowhill and Chip Hoisington

 The Breakdown

  • Technology Category: Colocation
  • Customer Type: Personal and Business Financial Company
  • Industry: Finance
  • Size and Scope: 39 cabinets, 314 kW power
  • MRC: $70K MRC
  • Winning provider: Expedient
  • Competitors: Cologix, Data Canopy, and Flexential

The Details

What were the drivers for the client?
After selling their own facility, the customer was preparing to migrate a large footprint into a new data center within a tight timeline. The ability to do an in-term migration of spend from Colo to Cloud proved to be a key selling point for the customer while making their decision.

How did the Trusted Advisor close the deal?
The Trusted Advisor was well versed in the support and resources that AVANT could provide, and dove right back in, leveraging the same process and deliverables that had just helped them win a similar opportunity – a great example of winning MORE with AVANT – and was able to close this deal with ease and efficiency. The customer also noted that they were impressed by the teamwork, attention to detail, and responsiveness shown by all parties who played a role in the opportunity!

How did AVANT support the win?
AVANT Engineers Peter Callowhill and Chip Hoisington were involved in every customer call, from discovery through final presentations. They regularly led both technical and sales discussions with the customer. AVANT team members Elise Jamison, Karli Togami, and Margaret Knutson were also phenomenal support from an Account Management and Pricing Perspective. They coordinated calendars and meetings to keep everyone on track and ensure deliverables were produced on time and easy for the customer to understand.

Any AVANT Trusted Advisor can access our next-level support and deal guidance! Check out our Quick Hit training “How to Win Every Colo Deal” within the Trusted Advisor Academy on Pathfinder 2.0 to learn more about this process and understand why it works so well. Then, connect with the Engineering team here or fill out a solution IQA (Interactive Quick Assessment) on Pathfinder* to get started with your own opportunity!

Engineering Spotlight

This month, we’re spotlighting David Bjerke, Sales Engineer, focused on Cloud, Colo, and Managed Services. 

David has been with AVANT for more than 10 years. He wore many hats before joining the SE team in 2019, including (but not limited to) Sales Operations, Commissions, Finance, IT, and even HR! As a Sales Engineer, David works alongside fellow SEs Dane Menke, Sarah Arnstein, Eric Cooke, and Amanda Bean to provide technical, pre-sales support to all of AVANT’s Trusted Advisors for any inquiries that come in via IQA or the AVANT Sales Engineers’ inbox. On top of that, David has had a hand in creating and maintaining all of the Cloud- and Managed Services-related matrices. 

Outside of work, here’s a bit more about David, in his own words!

  • Where are you located? Chicago, IL (soon to be Indianapolis, IN)
  • What are you currently watching? What do you like about it? “How to with John Wilson” – it’s weird and quirky. Each episode starts with a “how to” but ends up somewhere completely random and unexpected.
  • What are you currently reading? Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child … talk to me in six months and I’ll let you know if it works.

You can connect with David on LinkedIn here!

 Pathfinder Updates

  • One of Pathfinder’s most popular features – the UCaaS Matrix* – has been fully updated. UCaaS is a managed PBX environment in the cloud that provides phone services to end users. It replaces on-prem PBXs, as well as SIP, PRIs, and POTS lines. With this refresh, we’ve added detail on AI Capabilities and refined coverage of pre-built Line of Business Application Integrations. Use the UCaaS Matrix to compare the industry’s many offerings and select the solution best suited to your customers’ needs.
  • Don’t forget to check out our latest Ninja Notes* on Equinix, Uniphore, LiveVox, CoreSite, Observe.ai, Trustwave, Evolve IP, SimpleVoIP, TierPoint, and Zenlayer

 AVANT Updates


*You can check out all of these tools and resources in Pathfinder 2.0, via the Homepage Navigation. Fill out the form here to gain access if you haven’t already migrated over.